Constructive Feedback On Entrance


What do you guys think about the entrance my group and I made?


I like it, but I think the Blur could be toned down just a tad.

What is it for?

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Is that a entrance ? Just looks like the front of a building, I don’t know if it’s me, but it looks blurry.


The entrance is for a power plant.


Can you do something about the blur? It’s really hard to see any details and it kinda looks like you’re trying to cover mistakes with it.


It looks good from what I can see, like I said the blur is a little much.

Also, it doesn’t look like an entrance to a power-plant, more like to a theater.



what are those? Are they security cameras or something?


They are security cameras. They do look weird if that’s what you’re trying to say.


Yeah, make the cameras thinner. Also have a part to extend to the camera.


The bottom spinning doors are not symmetrical; the middle door is more to the right. While this doesn’t have to change it just kills me lol.

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