Constructive Feedback On My First Office

Hello, I’d like some feedback on my first ever time building an office. I’m trying to achieve a realistic atmosphere in this build. Other than feedback, I’d like some tips on what to add, since the way it’s looking now is kind of bland.


Maybe try adding a shelf on the wall as well as paintings to add to the office. Add a couch in the middle so others can sit.

  1. The desk is disproportionate to the rest of the room/decor. Maybe make it bigger and more on top (paper, binders, etc.)

  2. Move the decor around the room (having the two things in a straight line doesn’t look quite rights).

  3. Maybe make the window trim a different color to add more contrast.

  4. Consider making the floors less/non-reflective.

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The computer screen is too bright might need to tone it down.
The waterfall looks out of place in the office. Im not too sure what the red tree vine thing is… maybe you could add more desks, shelves with books or maybe a bookcase, and maybe make the rug a bit bigger.
Edit: Also is everything scaled to a normal robloxians size? I see the person in the corner and I think that he would crush the chair upon sitting on it… :grin:
Also, the ground still seems a little bland maybe add more chairs and such
Another thing is that the floor feels like you are going to fall right through it any second. Maybe do something a little different?
This looks like it could really become a wonderful build- you just need to get there

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Quick Analysis

It seems like the proportions are off, unlike this:

Floor planks seem unevenly spaced or depth perception is tricking you from the reflective surface below the planks. Remove the reflection there and replace it with glass material or completely rework the floor. You might take another picture from another angle.

Ceiling is simple and too low. Looks like an union. Perhaps adding details from reference images? For my builds, I usually use some kind of tiles, like in real life, where they hide ventilations and airducts.

The computer seems sci-fi themed and too bright to look at, tune down the transparency of the neon part or apply extra part that overlays the screen. Recoloring it would be fine, using generic grey colors or dull color palettes. Same thing applies with other decorations in the room. They don’t seem naturally colored and is way off. Hey, what’s an office environment with extremely vibrant colors? The workers are suffering by the looks of it! Try using, as previously stated, neutral colors.

Some furnitures are not properly scaled too. In the image, the workstation is what looks like to be a mini-workstation. Apparently that looks more like a table than a desk.

Adding extra furniture; shelves, plants, file cabinets… etc. to make this office room less spacious, but also paintings for avoiding plain walls only. Other decorations include:

  • Curtains
  • Lightswitches
  • Electric outlets
  • Ceiling lights / wall-mounted lights / any electric light source
  • etc.

Molding is optional, gives an easier definition between floor and wall. What is molding? Well, Wikipedia has just the link for you!

Ever tried using the properties window? It is very useful for keeping things aligned.

This build is decent for beginners. 6/10


I love the round window on the ceiling :heart:

Points to improve on:

  • the floor panels are too far apart
  • the computer table is quite small
  • the gamer computer theme doesn’t quite match the office setup, perhaps make the monitor bigger and thinner
  • the NPC is blank, perhaps make it hold an iconic thing and give it clothes? Or make it golden?
  • the three models in front of the desk seem out of place, perhaps create some shelves to put them on and place couches instead with a coffee table.
  • add some paintings, plants and especially the things @Operatik has mentioned if you want to get all those tiny details
  • there are no lights?
  • there’s a lot of dead space in the room

Overall it’s a good start for a first office :slight_smile:


Offices should never be a box. Not only that but everything looks completely out of place, and the floor is poorly made to say the least.

I’m going to address the issues one at a time now. Lets start with the walls, and shape of the room, as well as how the furniture looks inside of the room. To create an interesting office, you should have the furniture built around the room, and when you have the room be a… square… that’s hard to do. Nothing looks like it fits in the room, or that any thought at all was put into the designing of the furniture. If you have trouble filling all the space, make the room smaller!

Secondly, the floors are unevenly spaced, the ceiling lacks detail, and so do the walls. The floor is the easiest part to fix, which I think you should have figured out by now. As for the walls, adding a part closer to the floor that is a darker gray has Plastic or Metal material would probably make the walls look better. The ceiling is what I have the most issues with. One, there’s no smooth or good looking transition from the walls to the ceiling. (see below)
When adding ceilings to a room you should always have some sort of way to make it look like you didn’t just throw the ceiling on top of the walls and call it a day. The circular window in the center has potential to look great, but it really needs some sort of detail, like a frame around it and parts going through it.

Lastly, this one might not even be real and I hope to god it isn’t.
If this is a normally scaled avatar, then this room is not only short, but the furniture is completely out of scale.



My first impressions are:

  • Floor is quite boring and bland compared to the rest of the office
  • their is no clear theme to office just a bunch of random stuff
  • also what others have said about proportions
  • also what others have said about the walls being empty

But yes it’s a good start but more work can be done to make this better

Good luck

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I’ve recreated it, and added other items. I’ve taken some of the tips I got and tried to imply it to my second office. Here it is:


WOW! This is nowhere near the poorly put together office you started out with! I think you really improved the build and now i’d give it a 8/10 compared to before’s 4/10

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Looks ten times better, good job. However, try making the wood on the floor a more dark and rich brown color.

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Sooo much better!!

Try making the window outline a darker color. I would do this because I love contrast, but you might not like this.

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That’s an astonishing improvement. Magnificent!

That really raises an eyebrow, not sure how you managed to scratch out that amount of objects. It might be because your first office was created far back then, perhaps?

Yes, it was created in 2018, the models were from my builds in January. I just recolored them to fit in the atmosphere.

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Nice improvement I see you’ve taken our feedback and used it wisely!

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Maybe make the desk bigger to fit the rooms size.
On the far bottom right on the flooring, you could add another floor.

I literally just saw the image you first posted of your first office, and I replied with how you could possibly improve things, but the minute I saw that, I scrolled to see a newly improved office.

What I can truly say is that you’ve taken people’s feedback into consideration and implemented it into the office. It’s really good compared to the first office. Cheers!

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Looks great.A definite improvement from the original. Good job.

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Hi there,

Looks a lot better than your first office, that’s for sure!
One thing that could be improved though. For the curves, for example the lights:

To prevent those slight offsets, you could use a plugin called Archimedes Two.

Just render the same part out to create the curve you want, and duplicate the curve and scale to your liking from there on out.

Hope this helped!

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Instead of plank as such, you could have tiles, which are concrete or slate, and underneath has wood all beneth, which stretched out the room, this can show quite nice design.

You could also put a smaller red circle in the carpet, to make it look more detailed.