Preloads a union’s mesh and child data. I shouldn’t have to spam my workspace with unions to load them.


Totally agree. Currently I have a Trello card dedicated to creating such a system to simply place all the unions into the game to force them to load. It seems pretty odd to have to do that, especially since unions are streamed in just like other assets are.

This is a must – it’s extremely ugly to have to spam parts in front of the camera and clog the workspace to be able to preload them. Though, shouldn’t Preload/PreloadAsync just be able to be overloaded with an instance instead of a string asset ID instead of creating an additional method specific to unions?

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There was discussion about this in the past, the solution was suggested that Preload would also accept instances. This said, I find it impractical to preload a union via it’s instance.

If only AssetId were exposed :frowning:

If only AssetId were exposed :([/quote]Believe it or not, this is exactly what I was asking for them to do. You will find the original thread here. Regardless of whether or not all Unions actually use AssetIds, it’d be very useful since we as developers can ensure they do.

If only AssetId were exposed :([/quote]
I’d really like this. Even if it were read-only I could still use it to check whether two unions are unique or not.

Aren’t you a ROBLOX intern, Ethan? Can’t you make this request directly to the engineers?

I would love to see this. It does not look pretty to have unions pop into existence when loading areas :frowning:



Bump please! We really need this now that we have meshes and unions being used everywhere.

I joined a few build showcases yesterday and had to sit there and stare at the skybox as it was awkwardly filled piece by piece with unions over the course of 2 minutes. Not exactly optimal.


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