Contested capture points

Recently, I have been working on a capture point system, the number of points varies per map and the points are quite large (rather than being a small circle, it takes up a large area), I recently got pulled up on the question of contesting the point; I don’t want it to be that each team will need 50% of players on point to contest it or 1 person on a team has to be there to contest it (due to hiding in buildings, etc).

Information to consider:

  • Battles using this system will go from 15v15s to anything above
  • Large area capture points
  • Rarely would there be an even number of players from each team on the point
  • Above information about what to exclude

Using the given information, what would you think a suitable ratio/count/calculation/value would be to contest the capture point? (example: 75% of players on the point must be from one team, etc)