Context Action Service Bind to Custom Event

It is currently impossible to bind the ContextActionService to a Bindable or Remote event. Here are some reasons why it might be useful:

  • Mobile Buttons can’t be customized very well, so to add support for dynamic buttons or draggable boxes made by developers. (for instance the movement joystick)
  • Connect a function when the player hits a button, or when the input period times out (‘Hit the button in the green’ zone kind of thing)
  • When the player clicks a button on their (computer) screen, while still offering a hotkey for quicker access
  • A scene where ‘Press R to enter’ is hinted on a car door, but the player jumps on top anyways since they’re used to it and it would fire a touched event.

These are just a few scenarios but I think binding ContextActionService to events as well as keybinds would be a nice addition and add a lot more usage potential to the ContextActionService.

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No it isn’t? Just have your callback fire the event. Am I missing something?


I actually meant to have an event provide input to fire the callback. Ofc you can fire an event in the callback for the binding, but you can’t treat an Event like keyboard input without changing up your callback to support when all arguments are nil. What I’m saying is it would be nice to have some way to treat the Event like an input type.