ContextActionService:SetTextColor(actionName, color)

This would be used to set the text color of a button. I use CAS to create mobile buttons in gear that have special abilities and a problem I notice is that you can’t really tell when the special ability is done cooling down. If I could just grey out the text while the ability is unavailable that problem would be totally solved.

I didn’t know anyone actually used this feature :open_mouth:

I don’t use it apart from work I do on gear. It makes it easy to have buttons that are consistently-styled across all games, not super useful for games such as your own where you’re in compete control of style, input, etc…

I’m not really sure how useful this is. While it does give more control to the developer, I just can’t see it being that helpful, even for matching UI styles.

Also, in my opinion, CAS isn’t that great for gears. I only use it when I want to either 1) bind a key so it can’t be used for anything else, or 2) have a key bound for non-mobile people, and a button that pops up by the jump button for mobile users.

The only thing CAS is being used for in gears is mobile buttons for special gear actions that would normally be activated with a key press like Q. Binding an input without creating a mobile button actually sometimes crashes mobile, which is something I need to reproduce and report…

Anyway, CAS buttons are awesome because they get auto-positioned, so if the game creator creates one then the gear buttons will simply appear somewhere else. This way the buttons don’t conflict and they follow a style.

ContextActionService:GetButton(actionName) will return the button instance to you.