Continued "Could not process the mesh" error

I’m having an issue trying to import a multi-part mesh via the Asset Manager. Every time I attempt to import it, I get this error:

I’ve restarted studio, slightly changed the mesh, and even uploaded other similar meshes with no problem. Would anyone know the solution to this issue? Here’s the FBX file of the mesh if you’re looking to play around with it yourself:

MW2_M4A1.fbx (202.9 KB)

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is your model over 10k triangles?

plus why FBX though because it can faces with problem sometimes, i suggest import it as OBJ

OBJ doesn’t only paste the model
it can be textured too

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that isn’t the problem as OBJ and FBX references to the amount of data. OBJ only carries mesh data and textures while FBX carries the number of meshes, bones and textures.