Control of a blink skill

I am trying to make an ability where a player can blink (teleport) a small distance in front of them.
The problem is that I want to avoid players blinking out of the playable arena on accident or purpose.

I can’t figure out the best way to accomplish this keeping performance in mind.

Would the best way be to set up invisible parts outside the arena and if a player touches one of those parts, it would “push” them (by altering their position in the opposite direction) back into the arena?

I thought about resetting the player, but that would be an easy way to escape if players just blink out of the payable area.

I could also try to use region3 to detect if the blink would put them into a “bad area” or a “good area” and only fire it if the target is in a good area, but this might be more confusing to players as to why their ability didn’t work.

Maybe there is something I am not even considering that would be much easier?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.