Convert Instance (Usually script name.) to string?

I was wondering if it possible to convert an instance(Name) to a string? I tried tostring() but it threw attempt to call string value error.

function RisytalModules:SetType(Player: Player?, Type: Instance?)
	if Player then
		game:GetService("ServerStorage"):FindFirstChild(Player.Name.."'s Data"):FindFirstChild("CharacterType").Value = tostring(Type)
local engine = require(game:GetService("ServerScriptService"):FindFirstChild("Modules"):FindFirstChild("__GAMEENGINE"))
local CHARACTER1 = game:GetService("ServerStorage"):FindFirstChild("Characters"):FindFirstChild("TestDummy") --ModuleScript
engine:SetType(__PLAYER, CHARACTER1)
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Instance.Name? (Filler text for the minimum)

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