Converting a piece of terrain to a part?

Hey everyone, I am making a game that allows you to place stuff - however, I don’t want to allow the player to place anything on water, but I couldn’t find a way to detect water directly. So, Is it possible to make a part exactly the shape of a piece of terrain? (ex: a pond)

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Couldn’t you just use an invisible part as detection with can-collide off that spans the size of the lake / pond?

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That would require many parts, as the lake is not completely circular or in the size of a cube…

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You could use multiple parts and convert them into a union, lessening an impact of performance, or you could try using a meshpart in the shape of the lake.

That would take a lot of time and would be inefficient, I am looking if there is an easier way… Although, if there isn’t, I’ll do that.

Try using RayCasting. I vaguely remember there being an option to ignore water in the RayCastParameters. I sadly can’t access Roblox Studio right now so it might not work. I’ll check whenever I can.

Edit: I just checked the Roblox dev hub, there is an option to ignore water when raycasting.