Converting old FD games to FE

Hello! New to the forums, first time posting here.

I’ve taken up the task of completely converting Strife! to Filtering Enabled. That being said im at a complete lost. Are there any tools out there that can help me?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a tip for you. If code only runs on the client, just use a LocalScript.

I get multiple issues with that. The main one being that other players cant see the script running at all.

Sorry, I meant if the local player is going to see t.

The local player can see it just fine. There are a few issues with the weapon model, but i can fix those easily. But the issue comes when the player is fighting someone else. The other players arms are gone and the weapon, animations, and GUI effects do not show up.

If I had to be entirely honest re-scripting it from scratch would probably be the best unless you are wanting to keep all of the old code write some server code and maybe make an effect replication system.