Converting subscriptions into gamepasses

What would be the best way to approach changing a subscription into a gamepass?

The problem is, if I were to change the subscription into a gamepass, it wouldn’t be fair to those who subscribed since they lose their perks once it expires and they would have to buy the gamepass in order to maintain those perks.

How would I do this without causing a lot of trouble?

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on a playeradded event check if he has the subscription active save it somewhere in a datastore then after a week remove the subscription and add the gamepass, unlock the gamepass automatically if he has the value in the datastore

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A quality game will store the player’s products and data on a datastore or even an external storage. You should like @EvilTony99 mentioned, have your code check if the game pass is owned from a datastore and not directly from the game pass, you should use the game pass to update this datastore value when they purchase it in-game or join after buying it.

This way you can also update the data store value of the subscribed players.

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