Conveyers not working properly

So, I have a conveyer. It leads into a hole. It also breaks.

Does anyone know if this is just Roblox weirdness? If so, how do I work around it? This is how the conveyer works, btw:

  • AssemblyLinearVelocity set to 5 in the proper direction
  • Object falls into hole
  • Object is deleted
  • Apparently object floats above hole

Does anyone know what could be going on? I honestly have absolutely no clue as to what could be going on, and this is effecting my development process as this is something that is very important to my game and I can’t necessarily move on with development without solving this issue. This is because I don’t know what could be causing this, and it could be any of the 3 parts most important parts of the game.

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Please try not to put it in files. They are known to be shady.

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Just figured out how to record an mp4 file, sorry about that.

From looking at the video, is your part unioned and if so your CollisionFidelity might be set to BOX or Default try setting it to Precise.

Hope that helped

Nope, no unions. There is a few invisible parts in there, but none of them have collisions set to true. I made sure of that. Nothing is even on top of the thing, it just is being strange.