Cool Animation I made

Cool Animation I made

Feedback is appreciated! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I used the Cage Mesh Deformer Example Rigs Cage Mesh Deformer - Layered Clothing Example - Roblox


surreal entertainment in a nutshell

is cool yes


his neck looks like an ice cream cone :happy4:


Looks like a 90s movie trying to portray the 2020s with holograms. This shows up when you have an incoming call. Just imagine how nice it would be if you had a human-looking figurine in your living room that would enlarge its head whenever someone calls you. I’m sad that we don’t actually have this :slightly_frowning_face:

This would be just perfect for a horror game that doesn’t use any jumpscares, creepy sounds, or distributing visuals – it would just play this over and over again until the player loses their mind.


His neck looks like a bone LOL


This would look amazing in a horror game. I’m already thinking about all the possibilities that are available because of this update.

Great work! :grin:


Beautiful. I have been animating for 4 years, yet I’ve never seen such beauty. Truly a masterpiece, the best animations I’ve ever seen. Pixar better watch out for this prodigy.

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Sure wasn’t expecting that.


Mom please pick me up I’m scared of this man

Great work btw

Entertainment at its finest.

Just a suggestion, don’t make the head rotate around so fast, make it rotate slowly for realism.

This will disturb my dreams. I love the animation and how it just enlarges. I definitely recommend making a horror game out of this.

“Ay bruh. You got games on yo phone?”

I can see you were going for a simplistic animation to test the rigs, however if you wanted to make this look more visually appealing, the rest of the body would move around slightly. I personally would make the turning slower, pause for a moment, then zoom at the camera extremely quickly.

best animation I’ve seen on this platform!!!