Cool Creations | Boba Café Redesign Mockup UI

Hello everyone! My name is Sky. I am an avid and experience UI designer who is also a UX designer (still working on becoming better at UX design).

I’ve recently done a redesign mockup UI for Boba Café (I was not hired for this, I just did this for fun during my free time). This game is owned by @Flez_ent.

Anyways, here’s the UIs I’ve redesigned in this game (I may redesign a few more UIs for this game later on):

You can find the current UI of the game Boba Café by going to their main game. Game link:

If you have any feedback on the UI, please let me know! Thank you and have a great rest of your day! :slight_smile:


thats amazing I think you are finished.

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Here’s the Twitter post of this by the way:

Looks alright. Kinda seems to me like most other game UIs: just some rounded corners and basic sans serif font. Not terribly exciting.

I agree, it looks like the ui in simulators but it over all alright. If I made a game and I couldn’t find any good ui designers or either they had to be paid a lot I would stick to that.

@hargest9, thank you!

@Caladudes & @sam_0987654321best, I was not aiming to design a unique style of cartoony UI. I was trying to design some regular cartoony UI.

Thank you for the feedback though. Have a great rest of your day. :slight_smile:

P.S. @Caladudes, it was not just some rounded corners with a Sans Serif font added to it. I had to implement other things as well. Also, just would like to let you know that the font I used was Nunito.