Cool Creations is becoming filled up with redundant replies

Not true. In order to become a Regular, you need to post frequently and successfully in Platform Feedback. Since TL1 users can’t post there anymore, promotions have been paused. These are the only reasons that someone could send a reply like that:

  • In order to farm likes
  • In order to encourage somebody while not being able to provide criticism
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Platform feedback? This is help and feedback. I think you’re getting #platform-feedback and #help-and-feedback mixed up…

I don’t think that’s why they do it, to be a regular you have to make quality publications, not just comments like that.

No, he isn’t. It’s not about Help and Feedback, it’s about Platform Feedback. You don’t say “Nice” and automatically get the Regular role, it’s not how it works.


Oops, sorry about that.
But my main point was that a lot of these posts are redundant and can be earned w/ a like instead of a reply.

I have to agree. I’m sick of the way Cool Creations replies are. I even said something similar to this before (though it was about a proposed category:)

It can also apply to Cool Creations replies.

How is #help-and-feedback:cool-creations a cheap shot at being regular.

It is not

Promotions are halted since PA is gutted.

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I agree but I will also have to point out the hypocrisy here. You spammed #resources:community-resources with low quality UI on your first day.

People do it because of herd mentality. You see someone do something and you repeat it. Simple as that. Only solution I see is to actually try and enforce the “more feedback” with a higher minimum character count.


Everybody should have the right to give feedback on the platform, redundant or not. It still gives the person a ‘boost’, telling them to keep going. Like how people subscribe to other people on YouTube, it builds the YouTuber’s confidence to keep going.

My resolution would be for Roblox (or Discourse - the forum platform) to create a system where (for example) a reply with less than a certain amount of words should be filtered towards the bottom and where a reply with a certain amount of words or more is filtered to the top.

If the reply is short and there is an emoji, count the characters excluding the emoji the check if they are bypassing characters requirement and then flag it.

Please don’t be the type of person saying “I look through your post history, and…”
Also, I don’t know how I spammed #resources:community-resources? I think you’re talking about my Movie/America UI? But that wasn’t spam at all, it was UI people could use. Could you send a link, thanks.

This is a good point, I agree with this mainly.

I didn’t go through your post history because I happen to have notifications on for #resources and I happen to remember you lol

I think Cool Creations should be one of the categories that can be lowkey laid back. Of course providing constructive feedback is encouraged but, I honesty don’t mind.

Eh, I don’t understand?

But my main point was that a lot of these posts are redundant and can be earned w/ a like instead of a reply.

The same can be said about any other aspect of the forum. I don’t mind users chucking in your “work looks nice, I like it” every so often. If it’s redundant or doesn’t necessarily add anything to the topic then flag it. Though, I don’t necessarily see a problem with it.


I only went to post an #resources:community-resources twice, one of which was a USA UI, and the other was a movie UI. I went through my post history and didn’t see anything.
Thanks for the other part of your first reply, it helped me understand the situation better.

This isn’t completely true. Not all the posts in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations are posted to get feedback, some are there too to farm likes. I don’t see anything wrong with saying: “Wow, looks beautiful!”, but if you consider them as spam, just flag them and DevRel will decide

I don’t think this is a problem.

In my opinion, feedback is always constructive, it helps us to improve things a lot!


I think you have it the other way around. The support categories are not for feedback they are support requests (i.e you need help with something). #help-and-feedback:code-review is indeed just a code feedback category.

So, #help-and-feedback:cool-creations could need to be placed in a separated category (like #creation-showcase/#cool-creations)

What? #help-and-feedback:cool-creations is for showcasing and asking for feedback.

Well, I can’t see anything wrong with people making posts like that, unless it is less than the word limit. I mean, they are providing their feedback, you can’t expect everyone to put their thinking caps on for feedback. So, I have to disagree with you.

How does even #help-and-feedback:cool-creations play a role in promotions to Regular? Btw, they are halted.