Cool Dark Mode and Light Mode Controller!


Introduction | Open Me

Hi so, I was just looking around the devforum when I came up with an idea. What if I make a dark mode and light mode gui! The idea was what I instantly decided to make! So today, I will show it to you all!


Information | Open Me

Time: 15 Minutes, the script is simple

Dark Mode RGB: 46,46,46
Light Mode RGB: 255, 255, 255

Creator: Youtube_Gamer81


Game | Open Me

Hello again everyone, this is the link to the game
Cool Dark and Light Mode Controller! - Roblox


That’s cool and all but I’d suggest adding a cooldown to prevent dumb people like me from doing this

Seizure Warning


Good idea. I will do that, thanks!

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Alright, I have added the cooldown.

Any other suggestions would be nice. I could add them for you all!

I have added an update to where white is slightly darker so you all don’t damage your eyes!