Cool delivery quests update!

Come check out the delivery quests in my game, Farmer’s Homestead.

I experimented with math.random to make each delivery a random quantity and a random plant as well as a different dropoff location.

If you test it, Let me know what I should improve!



I didn’t think that DevForum was for advertising?

They’re asking people to test it , I think

I’m showing off something cool that I made and I wanted people to try it out and tell me what I should improve on… sorry if that wasn’t clear

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Nevermind it worked when I rejoined

Hey, I tested out your game for a review.


  • The game looks good decoration-wise, with the trees, grass, and even bridges and rivers. I can tell you want to focus on exploration.

  • I can see where you’re trying to go with this game’s different components, and it has a good concept that could definitely be expanded into a great game.


  • As soon as I joined, I noticed the game lagged quite a bit, at least on a graphics quality of 5. It runs better on lower settings, though.

  • The game could use a tutorial of some kind. I needed to walk 5+ minutes to get to my plot and had to figure out planting on my own, and after harvesting and exporting my wheat, I had no idea where to go to continue.

Bugs and Errors

  • Around the fountain at spawn, the grass pokes above the concrete on the ground.

Overall, your game is good, and has some room to improve.

Thanks for your suggestion. We actually had a tutorial but someone on the dev forum suggested to use tutorial boards… I’ll definitely consider making one again

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There’s a billboard near the building at the spawn which ( I think ) acts as a tutorial.