Cool mechanism I made to start and stop rounds in my game

I made this using tweens and it will be a fancy timer for my game. What material should I make the water?

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The mechanism really looks very good in a game, I congratulate you for your work!
The color of the water seems correct to me, but that depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to give the player, for example I would choose this:

  • Color: 16,165,140 [Rgb]
  • Material: Granite
  • Transparency: 0.7

You have to have the right atmosphere, but dont worry, the water you chose is great too.



thank you, i was thinking of using granite as I see it used in other games for a rich and deepish water effect.

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  • Material: Foil

  • BrickColor: Electric Blue

  • Transparency: 0.65

(this could also work)

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