Cool pathfinding

a star and flood fill algorithm utilised.


zamn thats pretty cool! good job!


bettee than mid roblox pathfinding system, maybe open source this?

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I wonder how laggy a game with this can be.

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it’s actually decently fast at moderate distances, the only reason it has high script usage is because of the visuals.

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Pretty good, better than mid roblox pathfinding 10/10

I wouldn’t say it’s better as it’s certainly less optimised ,but it is more useful for certain cases.

How did you make this? I would really want to use something like this for my game, because I made an extremely basic hand written pathfinding system, that straight up goes through parts.

It just checks if the X, Y, and Z axis is different (> or <) and keeps going up or down in value until its at that position.

check how a grid based a star algorithm works there are lots of tutorials on youtube and it is very easy to implement. also you might also want to use the flood fill algorithm incase there are impossible paths

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