Cool Roblox Game

Hey, thank you. I really appreciate that

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Your welcome I hope people enjoy your game :smiley:

I would love to play it looks cool I recommend adding skins, etc.

What do you mean by skins? Character skins?

Idea you should make the next stages difficult like a obby you should make it a hard obby

He means by skins by having a shop with skins and you can buy them and you can equip them and unequip them and they will save

Yes, this game could be like a game with characters which you can expand to a series.

It reminds me of old flash games… and it is a great start of a game, good job. The style is quite good. My name suggestion to pay homage would be “flash land” (not creative, I know) Overall, looking good!

Hey, Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it ;D

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Everything looks amazing for a 2d style game, maybe making custom walking / running and jumping animations, similar to those type of games

This is a very interesting game right and I hope you have a great time working on the game.

  • Add a double Jump feature! It would be pretty cool to add to enhance your stages to become more better
  • Add bosses add the end or at a certain stage
  • Add like a hard mode or different difficulties to the levels.
  • A practice area where you can just jump over and would be infinite
    That’s all hope you have great time making the experience/game a good one

All those things are already planed, thank you so much tho <3

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Much appreciated and once again good luck!

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Seems fun! although one things I would recommend is maybe move the flag so the players don’t hit there head on it?

It’s really good
I like the idea. Is it supposed to be something like Mario?

Based of that but with a twist…

Looks great so far! I think the idea and project is solid. I’d love to see what you can do in terms of enemies, abilities, etc. and just go crazy with the level design. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll really take it into consideration :smiley:

I think this looks epic! This is just an idea but I think the name Adventure Run would be a fitting name since it’s a lot like one of those App Store games. Hope this helps!

Looks awesome, you can maybe fix the camera position and improve your game’s code. Sometimes when you get the star, the sound has a latency. Over all, great job. Keep up the good work.