Cool Theatre 1.3 Handbook

Cool Theatre V1.3 Handbook

Last edited: 03/06/2022

Group: Cool Theatre - Roblox

These are rules for the group. Please read them carefully.

  1. You may not troll in any way. Trolling is disrespectful and is not allowed.

  2. You may not exploit, this means using 3rd party software to ruin a player’s experience. Doing this in any way will result in a permanent ban from the game.

  3. Making a player feel unwelcome is not allowed. Please be respectful to others.

Staff Information:

This is where you can get information about the staff ranks in our group (Eg: Creative Design Crew.)

Creative Design Crew:

These staff members are in-charge of building the set for the show. If the host approves them to become a set builder, they have to get creative and build a set. Also if the host approves, a Creative Design Crew member can style a Theatrical Crew. The set theme is also chosen by the host.

Theatrical Crew:

These staff members are in-charge of acting in the show. If the host gives a Theatrical Crew member a role, they must get styled before acting. Theatrical Crew members use the “:h” command in game to act. Theatrical Crew also have the ability to become the host. They can join the queue and when they become the host, they can give roles to other Theatrical Crew members, ect.

Technology Crew:

These staff members are in-charge of using Tech abilities to enhance the player’s experience watching the show. They can do Lighting, Music, Effects, Curtains and Intros. A Technology Crew member must be approved by the host before using the feature.

Theatre Security:

These staff members are in-charge of making sure no disruptive players are around, as well as making sure no exploiters decide to come around. If the show is in-progress and someone is not sitting, a Theatre Security member will attempt to warn the user politely. If they are still not sitting, that member of staff should call a MR+.

Lobby Crew:

These staff members are in-charge of selling out delicious snacks and drinks to our cool audience before the show begins. Please note that Lobby Crew members must prepare a friendly café greeting. (Eg: Hello and welcome to Cool Theatre! How may I assist you?). A Lobby Crew member can also host a minigame in the lobby to keep everyone entertained.

Senior Crew Staff:

These staff members are the biggest LR rank there is. Senior Crew Staff is every LR rank combined (Every rank above).

The recipe guide is for Senior Crew Staff or Lobby Crew, if your struggling to figure out recipes to make drinks and snacks, this is for you.

  1. Recipe for Donut - Get some dough, use the donut oven. Then go to a flavour of choice.

  2. Recipe for Popcorn - Get a popcorn bag (Small, medium or large!). Then go to the popcorn machine.

  3. Recipe for Slushie - Get a Slushie cup (Small, medium or large!). Then go pick a flavour of choice.

  4. Recipe for Water - Get a water cup (Small or Large!). Then if you like pick iced or normal then go to the water dispenser.

Before you become allies with Cool Theatre, you need to make sure you have the requirements.


1. You must have a professional discord server
2. You must have a reason to ally
3. You must have no punishments on Cool Theatre for the past 3 months
4. You must be active within the community
5. You must have a group with 1K+ members

Make sure you answer these questions, and if you have the requirements DM me on discord. (Cool1234greatttt#0628)

Good luck everyone! Hope this handbook helped everyone. Have a nice day. :smiley: