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Hi! I started playing Roblox long time ago as a guest in 2014 (crazy ik!)! I started developing in 2017 using free models and then started using my own models as of 2018. For commissions I don’t charge much knowing my work is garbage compared to the other amazing devs out there! I will have more information below.

Pricing depends on the build. Small builds regularly go for 200-500 though.

Past work

In the working. ^![Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 8.25.21 PM|690x431](upload://xq nVGrqaMnIauo0MniBq3Fw4H9f.png) More to it, just not posting cause I’m lazy lol.^ A scene for myself ^

Discord: Coolestgamet ~ 2020#0624
Discord server: Coolestgamet Services

Hope you enjoy!

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Your models are clearly from the toolbox. The tree’s are,
This image, this whole thing is a free model:

I suggest sticking away from free models, and try and create your own! :slight_smile:

The things here are no FMs. I have no clue on the trees though as my friend Uhicamey put them.

If you’re providing examples of work without saying what you did/didn’t do in them, people will assume you’ve done everything there.

You should be more transparent and let people know what is and isn’t your work to prevent issues like this and to prevent misleading people.


I never knew about the fms :confused: I am sorry…

I suggest fixing the error, I believe you meant, “started”.

Other than that it looks pretty good but maybe you should consider redoing the screenshots!

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Thanks Ive fixed the issue. Also, thanks for the feedback!