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About Me
Hello! My username is coolkingll and I am a GFX designer. I have been creating GFX for quite some time now and I am really passionate about it. I am not only working on to improve my work, but to also improve as an overall person and as a developer. Some people that I’ve worked with include InfusedTristan and Builder_Boy.
I also do UIs but Im not here to talk about that.:sweat_smile:

Full Portfolio: here.
Although I don’t have many at the moment, I am always trying to improve my portfolio.



Most of my availability will rely on my school workload but I am available to work anytime. Although if I am given a commission, I will always do my best to complete it.

I accept Robux through group funds or PayPal. Whatever works the best for my client.

Thumbnails: 2,000 ROBUX or $8 CAD
Logos: 1,000 ROBUX or $4 CAD

You can contact me through via DevForums messages, Twitter or Discord.
*Twitter: @coolkingllRBLX
*Discord: ramen#0659

If you have any questions or comments feel free to attack me with a message down below.
I appreciate everyone’s comments and their feedback. It has shaped my work and portfolio for the better!
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


Very nice, maybe improve the textures and shadowing on bank rush and add some transparency on the water. Nice work!


Thank you for the advice! I’ll look into it and try and improve my textures. :slight_smile:


Magnificent art my friend


Thank you my kind sir.


Heavily Updated! Added more Thumbnails and changed some other things.