CoolStone Systems Terms Of Use

By using our systems you agree to our Terms Of Use. Throughout the Terms of Use we (“CoolStone Studios”) will refer to ourselves as “we”, “us”, “CoolStone”, “CoolStone Studios”. We also will refer to our systems as “projects”, “systems”, or “work”.

Do not resell or distribute our work

You (the user) will not resell or distribute any parts of our systems or systems without written consent from us. If you see anyone reselling or distributing our work, please email us a picture and that person’s username/name or any contact info shown.


If you bought one of the paid systems, we would appreciate credit but it is not required. If you use one of the open-sourced projects, it is required that you give credit. We prefer credit to be in game description.


We reserve the right to modify the terms, take down or start charging more (or less) for systems including the open-sourced systems.