Copertino Guidelines

Copertino Code of Conduct

In any of our games, you must abide by our guidelines, if you decide to not follow any rules, you could receive consequences such as a temporary ban, server ban, kick, strike, and not limited to a Community Blacklist.

Community Blacklist

A Community Blacklist means, you are permanently blacklisted from our community such as our games, servers or anything related to Copertino. Community Blacklists are handed out by our Leadership Team.

Group Blacklist

We tend to blacklist groups that have a bad reputation or cause issues to us such as raiding groups, exploit groups, etc. A group blacklist will mean that you will not be able to join any of our games.

Temporarily Ban

This is usually a ban that lasts a certain amount of days or a server ban, which means you’re banned from the server you were in. This ban does expire. You can rejoin another server.

Permeant Ban

This means that you’re permanently banned from one of our games and you will not be able to join it, you would have to appeal the ban, in order to join the game. If your ban states non-appealable, then you’re not able to appeal your ban, this usually happens to users that commit offenses that are not allowed.


A kick will remove you from the current server you’re in, you’re able to rejoin. This is usually given to users that commit minor offenses.

If you’re interested in appealing a ban, you must join our Communications Server or contact an Adminstrator.


You cannot use any alternative accounts to evade your ban.

If you decide to use any alternatives to evade your ban, it could result in more severe consequences such as a Community Blacklist. It will also not be appealable.

You must respect everyone in game, and not be disrespectful, in any way or hand.

If you decide to be disrespectful or cause disruption a to others experience, you will receive consequences.

You cannot cause any disturbance.

If you decide to cause any disturbance such as trolling, dancing on tables, disrespecting others. It will result in consequences such as a ban.

No exploiting.

If you use anything to modify your humanoid speed, jump speed, to noclip through walls or steal any data in game. You could receive consequences such as lawsuits, etc. You’re also not allowed to leak any game files, data.

On our games, we take respect seriously. You cannot discriminate anyone for anything. Actions should as racism or being homophobic will result in serious consequences and will not be taken lightly.

Copertino Leadership Team