Copying a copied game?

I was curious how legally copying a copied game would work, for example lets take rouge lineage a popular game on the roblox platform but copied from a steam game called Rogue Legacy. If I were to take rogue lineage’s IP but its not there Ip since they stole it can they do anything to stop me? Im not saying Im gonna steal rougue lineages ip (even tho it isnt theres they stole most of it from rougue legacy but to be fair they added some stuff but is still pirated Ip) Im just curious on how this all works?


If you took someone else’s IP that was taken from another person, then you would technically be taking from the original IP owner. I would advise against doing this as a successful DCMA request could still affect you even though you copied off of another game and not the original game.


Roblox Terms of use might mention your specific question somewhere. They do mention not to copy any games that have been previously banned/deleted. I suggest reading over the “Building your game” section on the terms and policy’s.

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by intellectual property? If you’re talking about the builds, graphics, music and programming then big no. Even if it’s based off of some steam game, they still wrote the scripts and built it, and thus they have the copy rights to that. If you’re talking about the general idea of the game, then sure, you could make your own version of it. But don’t take their builds or scripts.

Also, I haven’t actually played Rogue Linage or Legacy but if Rogue Linage has assets (meshes, etc.) ripped directly from Rogue Legacy, you can’t take those either as you’re technically still stealing from the steam game.

Honestly, just don’t copy stuff. It’s as easy as that.


If you have to ask, then it’s best not to do it.

Also good advice here.

A thought that crossed my mind, “What if your copied game ended up differing from the ‘original’ game that they couldn’t be compared to each other?”

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Copying a copied game would just make it worse.

I would just avoid it all together.


The only things that seems to be ‘copied’ from Rogue Legacy by looking at its steam page is the idea of a death mechanic where your next character is the previous character’s progeny. That’s not really ‘copying’ from what I’m seeing.