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I am creating a club game with some simulator type game elements thrown in but I have a question. Over the progress of creating my club, as this is the second map I’ve tried on, I looked at a game called Club Iris as the builds are nice there. I was wondering if I had taken too much inspiration from Club Iris and it is now copying. I’m not sure and I would like to ask you guys. Here is my map and the Club Iris map.
Thank you!

My map -

Club Iris -

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Would you include photos in comparison of your game and Club Iris?

This question seems self explanatory you’ll know if your copying the entire game without doing any type of changes to it; using inspiration is good, but recreating the entire building with the exact same look isn’t quite right. Try recreating certain areas in your own way without using to much inspiration of that specific map.

Copying someone’s build without doing little to no changes could be considered as plagiarism. Just changing the material does not usually mean making something in your own version. If the building is “almost the exact same as the original one” you’ll know if you’re copying or using to much inspiration”

I’ve check out your version and the structure of it looks very similar it’s just you haven’t included a underground lounge area and just changed the spawn area and created your own little version, if your using (inspiration) try to take small elements of the original build and add your own way of designing the actual building layout; so it doesn’t look copied. In the future please do not repost threads.


If you are going to take some inspiration from someone building, if you want, you could make some areas similair but remaking them for your own style and way to make it be unique at some point. I can’t really give any type of suggestion or opinion cause i tried join your game but my screen was completly blurred.

Taking inspiration is super good and I encourage you to do so. But in this case you have taken the whole layout of the club and just made some minor changes is not. Not only will you not learn anything from it, the game itself will be the same exact game as iris. Instead I’d recommend you to use your creativity and experiment, try something new.

PS nextime include pictures instead of game links, that way we can give you feedback easier

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