Core Gui's Not Closing In Studio

Hello Everyone!
I am currently trying to close the Gui’s in studio but I don’t know how.I saw somewhere that its Ctrl+Shift+G and also I have tried Ctrl+Shift+C

I am trying to close this Gui.

(Keep in mind I’m trying to toggle it off)
(I dont know what catergory I should put this in and its not letting me).:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To close the studio ribbon you’ll need to do Ctrl + F1 in order to toggle it off or you could hover over and click the arrow to remove the UI element. The one you’re referring to is playing a published game or a game you saved you’ll do (Ctrl + Shift + G or Ctrl + Shift + C) to hide GUIs from your game or any game you’re trying to play without having the UI elements getting in the way of your screen.

Also, to Toggles UI on or off use those types of keys when inside a game it won’t work inside studio from my understanding.

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