CoreScript Erroring

I’m unable to post in engine/studio bugs so I have to post here.

I rename the Humanoid in my game for Security purposes. But when using the reset function on roblox a CoreScript errors because it is indexing Humanoid via Character.Humanoid instead of doing FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")

The location of the CoreScript error is

Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Settings.Pages.ResetCharacter', Line 120 
Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Settings.Pages.ResetCharacter', Line 136 
Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Settings.Utility', Line 330 

With the error being:

Health is not a valid member of ____

Anything I can do in this situation to either somehow prevent this without removing my security, or move this to a bug place?