CoreScripts bugging out when services are renamed

While getting some material for using GetService to get services rather than directly indexing them from the DataModel, I stumpled into this horrifying scenario.

  1. Players is renamed to Ahahaha.
  2. Lots of corescript bugs and some plugin bugs. (as well as the topbar being gone)

There might be other services which the corescripts (and plugins, if you’re a plugin creator like me) relies on the actual name of services. Check up on your usage of game. and see if that’s the case. Fixing it should be super easy :slight_smile:

When roblox core scripts dont use :FindFirstChildOfClass() and :GetService() riprip

@Seranok told me he would create a pull request to fix these issues, where is it Seranok!? :stuck_out_tongue:

We will fix this though.

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Out of curiosity, why are people even allowed to rename services in the first place?

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@TheGamer101 Submitted a pull request:

Nice PR number

Although this isn’t to answer that- I think a good little snippet of info is that renaming services sometimes actually does help block some of the more error-prone exploitations