"[CoreScripts] VoiceChatServiceManager Settings Failed to Init" warning when running any project

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open a new baseplate and run

Expected Behavior
No warnings

Actual Behavior
After 0.492.0.4920395 (now), any project will show this warning 3 times:

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-08-25 20:08:00 (-03:00)


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Please do not post if you have no new information to add. This is a bug because core scripts should not be spamming warnings to developer console.

I disagree with this constant “ignore these bugs/warnings” argument by many developers.
If there are errors/warnings, it is because something is not right and must be fixed.
I need to focus on errors/warnings generated by my game and not ignore errors/warnings generated incorrectly by Roblox bugs.
And that’s exactly why I opened this bug report.


I believe that at the time being any client that hasn’t had their ID verified (impossible for people not in the beta) will throw this error at experience startup.

If my theory is correct, the error should be gone once voice chat releases.

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Yeah, this is a valid bug report, I’ve moved out all the clutter.

For other readers, please don’t post here to speculate/hype about voice chat, that’s not the point of this bug report. The point is there’s a warning that is not intended for developers and so should not appear in the console for us to see.


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