Corner Wedges Can't Get Union-ed

I want to union corner wedges to create a pyramid. However, corner wedges are not getting union-ed. I am able to union block parts, cylindrical parts, and wedge parts, but it gives me an error if I try with corner wedge parts.

It says corner-wedges are supported, but it doesn’t seem like it.

I wrote this following code to see if corner wedges can be union-ed, but it doesn’t work using a script either.

function union(name)
	local part1 =
	local part2 =
	part1.Parent = workspace
	part2.Parent = workspace
	local union = part1:UnionAsync({part2})
	union.Parent = workspace

print("Part union-ed!")
print("Wedge union-ed!")
union("CornerWedge") -- errors here
print("Corner Wedge union-ed")

I decided on using a model or a folder instead of a union, but it would be more efficient if unions could work with corner wedges. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get unions to work with corner wedges?

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Just don’t use unions. They create a lot of lag in your experience.

Go to File > Beta Features and disable CSG Version 3. It’s probably a bug and you should submit a bug report for this.

If you know how to use Blender, you can create a much more performant pyramid that’ll behave exactly like a UnionOperation by importing it as a MeshPart.

Yes don’t use unions guys its horrible and lags you a whole ton.

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I disabled CSG V3, and was able to union corner wedges. I then re-enabled CSG V3. Thanks for the help!

I am not using too many unions, so there shouldn’t be lag. But I will keep that in mind.