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LAST UPDATED: 2022/06/23

πˆππ“π„π‘ππ„π“ π’π„π‚π”π‘πˆπ“π˜ 𝐋𝐀𝐖

It’s been our responsibilities to administrate content that was shared from third party platforms (e.g Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, etc) to prevent others from forwarding content that includes suicide challenges promotion committed by the content creators. To build on this, we sets to prevent and cease content that contains promoting the community from engaging endangerment, such as using dangerous tools and committing dangerous actions and/or behaviours.

Starting from 2022/07/01, The Security Department and the Department of Defense will begins serious, anyone that was caught sharing any video or video captures that contains community endangerment and/or promoting harmful behaviours/actions to the communities that might cause others to commit law violation or crime.

[Coming soon July 2022] π‚πŽπ‘ππŽπ‘π€π“π„ π’π„π‚π”π‘πˆπ“π˜ 𝐋𝐀𝐖
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On behalf of the Security Department, Department of Defense @ BashBlox Corporation
Minister Office, BashBlox Empire
On behalf of the Security Council of the BashBlox Empire Town Council