Correct place to send in bug fixes for official roblox gear/scripts?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I’ve fixed a bug a particular gear from the catalog that wasn’t compatible with that change a while back where hats were renamed to accessories. However, I have no idea how or where to submit my fixed version, and the only reference I can find to where things like this were submitted in the past tells me to post it to a forum that no longer exists.

What am I supposed to do?

I don’t believe there is anywhere dedicated to community fixes for gear. I don’t think such things are being officially accepted either.

However, since there is a huge number of gear that no longer work and have not worked for a long time, I would love to see a program or category where community fixes for official gear scripts could be seriously reviewed and considered. It’s been far too long since gear was given attention and brought up to speed with recent developments of the platform.

Honestly, either deprecate gear and convert them to some form of accessory, communicate intentions regarding updating gear, or let somebody fix them, since it’s clear serious fixes are backlogged and sad. Paying for something that doesn’t even work with R15 is unacceptable.


I would post it in web bugs.

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You could submit a pull request here after getting a hold of someone: (if it is a core/player script, wont work for gear scripts though)

If I don’t say it, someone else will. He’s a new Member just so everyone knows.

My assumption that they were officially accepted was based on comments within the scripts of various gear and Roblox-made models crediting users for fixing bugs (the place saying to post fixes in a forum that no longer exists was in one of these).

Roblox gear is a lost cause at this point honestly, a lot of the code is quite ugly or uses bad coding practices (or just straight up doesn’t work, most usually break with R15), daily reminder there’s a gear that allows arbitrary modification of any object property on the server from the client :ok_hand:

It’d be good if there was a way for developers to submit fixes for gear to either a program of sorts or a staff member. IMO Roblox should just get a bunch of people to remake all the old gears.

As of right now though there doesn’t seem to be an official way to report bugs like that other than through the bug reports section.


That wouldn’t be the proper place to put it, because it’s not an issue with the website itself. What qqtt said was correct: there is no real place for you to report such issues. You’re always welcome to touch up gear that’s not compatible with current Roblox updates for your own purposes.

If there’s an issue regarding gear that breaks either it or your game, that’s a Bug Report that’s worth mentioning. Anything else, such as incompatibility, is more of a side issue. Take a look around - you’ll see a lot of gear that’s in the same state as what the OP posted.

I wouldn’t be concerned too much with trying to publish fixes to Roblox gear. Alternatively, as much as gear has been proven to be useless and untouched nowadays outside of a cosmetic item, you can incorporate scripts inside your game that gives people certain benefits for owning gear. For example, @TheSteelEagle’s Monster Islands game gives you some weapons, enhancements and whatnot if you own a gear on the site. This is a good use of gear in which you give it a chance to shine whereas Roblox does not.

This should never have been posted in Scripting Support, so hiding it.