Cosso Public Handbook

Cosso Public Handbook


Welcome to Cosso’s Public Handbook! This handbook is a public release meaning that all of the information found within will be useful to every rank, the contents of this handbook are found directly below so please look there first if you are searching for a particular topic. We have covered the main topics that arise, however, if you feel as if your question hasn’t been answered, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at VIA Discord.

Table of Contents

Our Company

Our Company

Welcome to Cosso!

“Get cozy with Cosso!”

Cosso is a hot chocolate bar that provides exceptional services to its customers. With our professional and trained staff, we supply high-quality service so that we can appease and delight every customer that wishes to be served at Cosso. All moderation is provided by the Medium Rank staff members that do their job to the best of their ability to maintain a safe and satisfactory environment for all of our delightful consumers. If you and your friends wish to have a delightful time, please consider visiting Cosso for a sip of our signature hot chocolate, or a bite of delicious lollipops!

Cosso was founded on February 21th, 2021.

Session Information

Session Information

All training sessions are scheduled in the Training Center at a certain time. You can join the game in the Training Center as soon as there are ten minutes before the start of the scheduled session, exactly xx:00 the servers will be unlocked.

Training Schedule

Session One: 10 AM GMT | 5 AM EDT
Session Two: 1 PM GMT | 8 AM EDT
Session Three: 3 PM GMT | 10 AM EDT
Session Four: 5 PM GMT | 12 PM EDT
Session Five: 8 PM GMT | 3 PM EDT
Session Six: 11 PM GMT | 6 PM EDT

Keep an eye out on the group shouts or Communication Server, that is so you can get notified whenever the session is delayed/canceled. Training sessions are only available for Trainee rank.

Code of Conduct

![Code Of Conduct|500x100](upload://Medium RankPeChsEhAyqScXEm8UN5zVtNI8.png)

Throughout Cosso’s Code of Conduct, you will be able to find multiple regulations that you should follow in all Cosso-related games. No matter what rank, if you do not correctly follow these rules, further consequences will be put through.

All employees of Cosso are required to wear appropriate clothing. Don’t wear something that wouldn’t be appropriate to wear in public. Uniforms are mandatory at the hotel for Low Ranks. Middle Ranks and greater are allowed to wear clothing of their choice, however, during sessions and important meetings, you must wear your uniform.

All staff members at Cosso are expected to be active. You should keep a positive attitude as you work each day to keep our company up and running. Low Ranks are advised to be active by attending scheduled shifts at our super. They are not required to be active, but providing Cosso with more activity will increase your chance of becoming part of the management team. Medium Ranks are expected to be active at the hotel and attend a certain amount of sessions each week. Failing to do this will result in a demotion. High Ranks are also expected to attend sessions and be active at the super.

As an employee at Cosso, you are required to be truthful at all times. Everyone here, including HRs, will be held accountable for their actions. Staff members who do not take responsibility for their actions will be fired. That goes for everyone, even SRs.

Grammar is needed at all times throughout Cosso, as it is professional and makes our company look better. Grammar is needed because without the proper use of grammar, your maturity level will drop, making you seem more unprofessional at times. Failing to provide proficient grammar anywhere in Cosso will lead you to a demotion, no matter what rank you are.

All staff should be professional in all Cosso-related games. Being professional is mostly what Roblox groups are all about. To be successful, you should remain mature and act professionally. Choosing to be unprofessional will result in further consequences that you probably won’t like. If you are seen being unprofessional, it will result in a demotion if addressed more than once in a while.

There should be no source of profanity throughout Cosso games or in the Discord. Many others find it disrespectful and offensive; we’d also like to keep our community safe too. Swearing will be dealt with by banning immediately.

Hinting is not allowed within Cosso. People who do not supplicate for the position and dedicate their time to the group will receive the rank. People who do supplicate for the position will be suspended and will not be able to apply until the suspension has surpassed.

Simple Rules

  1. Do not post any inappropriate content. Not only is it against Cosso’s rules, but it is also in violation of ROBLOX’s Term of Services.
  2. No online dating, we do not tolerate this action as it is also a violation of Roblox’s Term of Services.
  3. Please do not advertise in Cosso games and the Discord. We do not allow this.
  4. Respect everyone at all places at the hotel at all times.
  5. No spamming, this includes repeating text over a period of time and/or large unnecessary text. We do not allow it because it could lag other people’s computers.
  6. The music played at the super should be appropriate as someone could potentially feel offended or uncomfortable.
  7. Refrain from causing an argument in your area during your work shift.
  8. Do not expose any private information about you, this is a security and safety risk, but also a Roblox Terms of Service violation.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a Novice Barista?
    To achieve that rank, you’ll first of all have to apply at our Quiz Center. If you passed the application, you should get promoted to the Trainee rank, and attend a training session to be able to serve customers.
  • How do I get unbanned if I was banned earlier?
    There are 2 types of a ban: server ban and permanent ban. Depending on how major the offense you’ve done was, you should’ve received either of those bans sometimes. If you received a server ban, it should be gone on a new server. If you received a permanent ban, you’re banned permanently unless you appeal. To appeal, DM a Senior Rank in our Discord server.
  • I have a problem with another member of the community, what can I do?
    Contact a High Rank+ and tell us what happened. We can guarantee that your report will remain confidential and no one will know about it. Our community members’ safety is extremely important for us, so do not hesitate to do that.
  • How can I send an alliance request to Cosso?
    Simply DM someone in the Public Relations Department. They will respond with an alliance application that you should fill out. It may take some time to read so please be patient!
  • How do I become a Staff Assistant?
    You may check out the Staff Assistant Promotion Guide we’ve made for our Experienced Barista if you want more information. In short, you have to become a Head Barista, meet all the requirements, and be active within our establishment.
  • Where can I find the session schedule?
    It can be found in our public handbook which you may find in the group’s description and our Discord server, under the Social Media section in the information channel. You can also find it in the sessions channel on our Discord server.
Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

Welcome to the Staff Assistant Promotion Guide! In this guide, you’ll find out about how to get the beginning Medium Rank role, what you can find below can be the entire process. If you have any questions or concerns, you may DM a member of the Employment Department on our Discord server.

First of all, you have to become a Head Barista bypassing your trainee application and attending multiple training sessions to rank up.

Second of all, you must meet the requirements to get promoted:


You must not have a safe chat and be 13+.
You must have Discord and be on our server.
Hinting will lead to a demotion, so you must not hint.
Having any bad history within Cosso will take away that opportunity.

Failure to meet one of those requirements will result in you not getting promoted.

Lastly, once you become a Head Barista, there are 2 ways of getting promoted: by working hard as a Head Barista at our hotel or bypassing the Medium Rank applications.

The first way is about being active at our main place and getting noticed by a member of the Employment Department. There’s no exact date of when you’re going to get promoted, however, you should work hard and be active. Though being active doesn’t mean you have to work for hours and hours, even 1 hour is enough. We all understand that our workers have a life outside of their ROBLOX occupations, so we don’t force them to work 24/7.

The second way is about passing the Medium Rank applications, which we will release sometimes. You may find tips on passing applications in the form. However, make sure to put as much detail as you can and be experienced. That’s mainly what we’re looking for in the passers.

Once again, do not hesitate to DM someone in the Employment Department if you still have any questions/concerns.

Rank Information

Rank Information

As a staff member at Cosso, you have many important responsibilities that you must do. Depending on rank, it may vary greatly. If you were to have a question regarding someone’s role, this is the spot to double-check. The following descriptions are all correct, so please read them thoroughly.

Staff Assistant [Rank Limit: 30]
As a Staff Assistant, you will be making sure that baristas are doing their job correctly. If they have any relevant questions/concerns, you are required to answer them to the best of your ability. You will receive Moderator Permissions at all Cosso-related games, so make sure to moderate the hotel and handle trollers/exploiters. Staff Assistants can also attend training sessions to train LRs.

Supervising Team [Rank Limit: 25]
The Supervising Team rank’s responsibilities are nearly equivalent to the previous rank, however, they now can host sessions. They still should assist customers and do pretty much the same as the previous rank at Cosso’s hotel. Furthermore, you are more knowledgeable when it comes to Cosso than you were as a Staff Assistant.

Management Team [Rank Limit: 20]
Management Team rank’s responsibilities are equivalent to the previous rank, except they’re more experienced than the lower ranks. They are expected to attend sessions and do pretty much the same as the 2 previous Medium Ranks. This is a big step as they are now looked like a more experienced staff member, so they must be prepared to help lower ranks who need it.

Cooperation Team [Rank Limit: 12]
Cooperation Team is the last Medium Rank! One more step and they’re an HR. Nothing much is new within this rank, however, you should start thinking about what department you’d like to be in. Also, with that rank comes the ability to demote LRs and train new Medium Ranks.

Corporate Assistant [Rank Limit: 8]
This rank is the beginning High Rank, a new experience. As a Corporate Assistant, this is the beginning High-Rank role. You will get used to doing HR tasks, such as writing alliance applications, staff consequences, etc. Overall, it is a huge step up from Medium Rank and it’ll take some getting used to.

Corporate Director [Rank Limit: 6]
After proving you’re worthy to be a High Rank, you will be promoted to Corporate Director. This rank is much of an advancement. You’re now thought of as more experienced, so more questions will be sent to you. There isn’t too much difference with tasks and it will be simple to transition, unlike Medium Rank to Corporate Assistant.

Managing Director [Rank Limit: 6]
Once you’ve proved you deserve a promotion, you will be promoted to Managing Director. It’s the highest High Rank out of three, and hence, that means you’re more experienced than any other High Rank so you will be receiving a lot of questions from lower ranks. However, most of the responsibilities of this rank are equivalent to the previous high ranks.

Operations Director [Rank Limit:4]
As an Operations Director, you’re in the highest HR role. They usually lead the whole High-Rank Team, with the help of the Senior Ranks. If you obtain this role, you have improved Cosso immensely and deserve this rank a lot. Any further promotions will be as an SR, which leads the High-Rank Team even more.

Board of Directors [Rank Limit:3]
Within this role, you are now a Senior Rank! In short, the head of the High-Rank Team, as well as dealing with new information you didn’t deal with as a High Rank. For example, new promotions such as Shift Manager and High-Rank promotions are now available for you to deal with. In the end, only the best of leaders will be given this rank.

Vice President
The Vice President is the co-owners of Cosso. They are responsible for overseeing all actions in the group, they take part in many discussions, trying to make Cosso the best it can be.

The President is the owner of Сosso, they oversee all actions. President will explain in detail what he plans to function and try their best to create a new and innovative design Roblox groups haven’t seen before. Overall, they take part in many discussions, trying to make Cosso the best it can be.

Affiliate Information

Affiliate Information

The following requirements must be met for your nominated group to be considered for the event of an alliance. If the requirements are not met, there is little to no chance they will be selected.


  1. Your group should have 100+ unbotted Roblox members and must have a Discord server with at least 50 unbotted members.
  2. Your group must have two allied representatives, active and professional staff.
  3. Your group must conduct daily activities, announce our events, and corporate with us.
  4. Your group should never cause drama or have negative thoughts.
  5. Must not sell anything giving administrative abilities/commands.


  1. If your group does not meet the above requirements or your group refuses to follow them. We hold the right to revoke your alliance at any time.
  2. If your alliance application has been failed, wait two weeks to re-apply.

Affiliate Rules
Here are the rules for our Allies located in Cosso. I positively recommend all allies to look over these sections carefully. All Allied Representatives are required to follow the resort rules if caught breaking these resort rules, we will temporarily revoke the alliance at any time.

All Allied Representatives should be inappropriate attire that is reasonable to wear in public. For example, there shouldn’t be any bad wording on a shirt or something that could offend the customers or staff in any way. Failing to stand by this rule could offer the specified group a warning. If it continues, the group will be revoked.

All Allied Representatives should act professionally in all Cosso games. As a professional, our allies should act kindly to all staff and customers. Failing to provide appropriate actions in Cosso games, the group will be revoked quickly without warning.

All Allied Representatives should be professional and appropriate throughout the Discord. Leaking certain chats are especially NOT ALLOWED. There should be no trash talking about Cosso in any way. If we hear this is happening, the group will be addressed and we will positively revoke the group immediately.

All Allied Representatives should show responsibility for any of the careless actions they have made within the group. Lying doesn’t help at all as it will increase your chances of getting revoked rather than having a warning. Failing to show responsibility will result in the group having an immediate revocation.

All Allied Representatives should show activity within their group by informing us of any important events and so on. If we feel the group isn’t showing activity, we can revoke the alliance at any time.

If the owner of the group ever decides to sell the group due to personal information or fault, your group will be terminated as our alliance.

Affiliate Application Questions:

  1. Describe your group.
  2. Why is it better than others in this industry?
  3. Why are you interested in partnering with Cosso? For what purpose?
  4. How can your group benefit us?
  5. How did you hear about Cosso? Why did our group interest you?
  6. Who can we contact if we have any problems or questions? Preferably two representatives.
Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

This is the Cosso Ban Appeal Forum, please ensure that you have read the rules thoroughly before filling out a ban appeal.

In-Game Permanent Ban (appealable)
After a month, we permit you to speak to a Senior Rank about lifting your banishment at our games.

Discord Ban (appealable)
After a month, we permit you to speak to a Senior Rank about lifting your banishment on our communications server.

If Blacklisted (appealable)
After a month, we permit you to speak to a Senior Rank about lifting your blacklist.

If Permanent Blacklisted (unappealable)
Under no circumstances may you appeal your permanent blacklist. If this happens to you, you will forever be banned from Cosso.

Termination/Demotion (unappealable)
Terminations/demotions are not appealable whatsoever. You may not gain any previous roles from the past, nor may you receive any Retired Staff role on our Discord. You are to work your way up if you wish to work at Cosso once more.

Please fill out the following questions and send your ban appeal to a member of our High Ranks or Senior Ranks Team VIA Discord:

  1. What is your username?
  2. What is your rank in the Сosso? (If you have one)
  3. Why were you banned/blacklisted from Cosso?
  4. When did this incident occur?
  5. Why do you think you were banned/blacklisted?
  6. Do you believe you’ve learned from your mistakes? Why?
  7. Do you have any additional comments regarding this incident?

Please keep in mind it might take up to 24 hours for an HR or SR to get back to you on Discord regarding this ban appeal application. You will get a reply about your ban appeal within 24 hours after you have sent it.

If declined, we’ll DM you right away. Please remember not to complain if your application has been declined, we’re most likely to pass others who had more detail in their answers.

Recipe Guide

Recipe Guide

Are you a Low Rank that needs assistance when it comes to creating drinks? Well, you are at the right place! Located in this guide are all of the recipes that are used to create our drinks. If you still have a question, feel free to ask an experienced member.


Hot Chocolate
Chocolate + Stove + Cup + Hot Chocolate Flavor

Milk + Smoothie Flavor + Blender

Tea & Flavor
Water + Tea Flavor

Bubble Tea
Water + Tea Flavor + Shaker + Tapioca Pearls

Espresso + Cream
(Iced) Macchiato + Ice

Espresso + Mocha Sauce
(Iced) Mocha Sauce + Ice

Milk + Espresso = Cappuccino
Espresso + Milk = Latte

Extra Links

Extra Links

Cosso has many links for its community to check out, as we’re trying to provide our community with as much information as possible, so they can know more about our company. Each of these links could help you out a lot since they contain vital information.


We hope you found this handbook helpful to know more about Cosso. If you have any further inquiries or potential concerns, do not hesitate to DM an HR or SR on our Communications server.

Cosso Senior Ranks Team
Cosso Corporation™