Could anyone help me with a mobile compatible sniper?

  1. Making a sniper/editing one that is compatible for mobile.

  2. Issue: I’m trying to make a sniper that’s compatible for mobile, but I have tried and it won’t work.

  3. I have checked developer hub and they weren’t really related to what I was looking for, although there was one that was related to it but there wasn’t a proper solution/wasn’t related to it.

Is there any solution because I can’t find anything.

Yeah , I cant help you make the script but heres this
But anyways for that you would have to have a mobile compatible datastorage, then make a screen gui, with that mobile datastorage mixed with that GUI, so if mobile tap like a shoot button, it fires. Same goes for aiming

Well, that’s ok, but if it’s for something like a MainModule and putting the tool inside it what do I do?

Tool handles might help
Or just extract the mobile datastorage you made into the main module

sorry if confusing

That’s fine, thank you so much for your advice, is there any tutorials on YouTube that can help?

Yeah just try looking up “Roblox Mobile Guns Roblox Studio”

Alvin blox might help if he has one of those

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Okay, thank you for that, it’s very appreciated.

Heres this

Also another source

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