Could having a strike received on your account affect your chances of being invited?


I received 1 strike back in January and it has now since expired, so I’m wondering if this will still be taken into consideration.

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I would imagine it probably depends on the severity. If it was for scamming/exploiting then it would matter. If it was for something like unreadable text in an image, I doubt it.


I doubt it if it’s just a level 1 strike, I mean, you’re still here on the devforums.

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It is in fact a level 1 strike, if it matters what that level 1 strike specifically is for I’ll probably understand the reasoning.


I’m doubtful, a strike is more or less a stern warning as in “Don’t do it again”

if you accumulated enough strikes to be removed from the forums, I would say yes, but a single strike should not be anything to be worrying about in regards to RDC invites