Could I have some reviews of my game Race To Heaven?

Spent the past few days bug fixing but i’d like some fellow developers views on my first actual Roblox game created (working with a team of two scripters).

Here’s a link:

Thank you.


The game is really cool! I love the objective of the game and it is working fine! I will play it more times for sure! :smile:

Nice game, from the start it was very easy to understand the objective of the game.
As I was playing I was quickly completing all the obstacles, I suggest making them a little bit harder but at the same time adding checkpoints along the way so people don’t rage. I also noticed that it’s the same map over and over, this can get boring pretty quick. But otherwise, I had fun playing!

Good job! :+1:


  • Checkpoints
  • Harder Obstacles
  • Different Maps
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Thank you, It shouldn’t be the same map as it randomly generates each section.

I will create a few dozen more stages though to give it some variety.

Thank you! I’m hoping to grow and develop it further with my studios team.

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I am sure you will reach further with a lot of practice! Good luck!

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I like the idea of the game, really awesome.

As someone recently suggested, or along the lines of it… add more genre of maps, harder levels etc maybe style the steps a bit, checkpoints as well I highly recommend as a way of a ‘save’ feature if a player was to die, just like most obby genre of games.

If the game gets super popular, seasonal maps could also be an option, some Christmas ones.

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Thank you, I think seasonal maps would do very well. I’m hoping to grow its popularity

Some notes about your game:

  • I want a mute button for the music
  • The name and thumbnail made me think it was a kart racer, but what I got was an obby. Consider using different metadata to more effectively communicate what your game is. People will downvote your game if they feel they’ve been clickbaited.
  • Are the moving pieces being moved from the server? If so, consider switching that over to client-side for a smoother player experience. Right now the moving pieces look laggy and jittery.
  • There should be checkpoints. It doesn’t really feel like a race when only 1 or 2 people will make it to the end.
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Thank you for the notes, i’ll take on board this and try to implement some subtle changes to make it more obvious.

This is a very fun and entertaining game! Enjoyed the fast paced mode.

Only thing is perhaps you should add a gear system (gears that can’t physically harm characters), to more easily get to the top. For example after you get a certain amount of wins like 5 wins you can get a gear from the shop, like a jump coil, or heal coil for 10 wins. I feel like this would grab players more to earn something and have something to earn in the game in order to want them to get reoccurring players, that would be neat, or you could add your own gears, overall though it’s a nice game!