Could I make a gamepass that gives you Discord perks?

So a while ago I thought of the idea of a gamepass that would give you access to a special discord server including leaks and such about the game. Would this be allowed?


Gamepasses that offer access to a Discord seem to be prohibited by this clause in the Community Standards:

Promotional Offers: Developers may not use off-platform services or products to sell on-platform items (including exclusive features or other in-experience enhancements) for money or Robux, either directly or as a bundle, unless expressly authorized by or in partnership with Roblox.

I thought this was allowed and I wrote an earlier reply suggesting you only mention that in-game using PolicyService but I see now that it’s just completely prohibited. Unless you get Roblox’s express authorization? Seems rare.


I’ve seen some games that give you discord perks if you buy their vip which gives more stuff in game. I guess it’s a loophole idk if it’s allowed.

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Thanks for the information! Seemed like a cool idea but of course, it’s against the rules.

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