Could something like this be done on Roblox?

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So, I would call myself a very ambitious developer. Although I’m just starting out, I have big plans, and I’m very intrigued to see Roblox evolve even further into more realistic territories. One thing I was wondering, was if something like this could be done:

In case your didn’t know, this is from Battlefield 4, which came out in 2013.

Obviously it probably couldn’t be as graphical, but could something similar be made? Or would it make personal computers across the world crash and burn?

Some ways to make something like this possible would be extremely helpful, or if it’s impossible, some details why or if it could be possible in the future would be great!



Yes, this could be made! Although it is very graphically intense, some games like this already exist such as this:

It would take lots of planning and you would need to become very familiar with designing textures

And since intense graphics really don’t fit with Roblox’s player base (most use mobile) it would not receive many players.

It’s possible, but not to this level without being really laggy. What you could do is make a less complex version of that, and that would work… Keep in mind there’s not a large player base for this on Roblox, AND that any game with that much skill was the work of many (probably hundreds) of developers working together as a large group of adults with years of experience and resources under their belt.

It is 100 percent possible, but it would take a lot of work and scripting to get something like this done. The game would probably lag a ton too.

This is definitely possible, but just expect people to have quite the beefy computers to run this. Majority of the players I’ve seen on ROBLOX are Mobile players, so I’m assuming a lot of mobile players play ROBLOX games quite often (could be wrong, just going off what I see). Building like this could definitely work, and maybe even StreamingEnabled could help prevent extra things from loading in until they actually enter the area. Having StreamingEnabled off could have some problems with this, but then again I don’t use it often.

Overall thing to consider, it’s possible, but may require some additional changes to your game to make it work correctly.