Could this idea potentially be flawed and poorly executed?

Greetings DevForum,

I recently had an idea to create a multi-purpose corporation group specialising within hospitality and attractions. The group at its main core would be ran like a typical company group on Roblox, but would function more as a studio for these types of games.

My general idea is to have all of the main games within one main group, which all users would be familiar with and recognise. All basic ranks would be summarised in this group under default categories, such as Hotel Staff and Hotel Management, etc. As the group progresses, I want to add in other places, which will require in more of these ranks being needed.

Then, I have two ideas for the staffing aspect of this:

  • Each main game within the main group would have its own individual staffing group, where each specified rank would be contained. You would be required to join this group to actually work in the game of your choice, and you’d get specified training at random times. Would this cause confusion for players who are new and might not know how it works? You would be able to work in as many games as you wanted to, as long as you were in the main staffing group for that game.

  • There would be a main application place and multi-purpose training centre. You would get basic training on how to work within the game of your choice. Then, you are free to work within any roles you want, from reception to housekeeping by selecting what job you want to do once you spawn in. Mostly everything would be UI based to make sure that it’s easy for all players to grip quickly. Limitations are that you’d only be able to work within one game at a time.

I know that I want staff to be trained within one way of another, as I like the concept and it helps to create strong bonds within the community. However, which idea would be better for a group like this, as I’m aware users will like stuff to be as simplified as possible. I would like opinions from general developers, people who are interested in RoIndustry communities, and professionals who have attained high ranks in prestigious RoIndustry groups in the past.

Also if anyone wants to help me make my ideas into reality, send me a DM and I might actually consider creating a group like this! Looking to fill up the higher staffing ranks before I pay attention to developers.


The idea seems pretty good but there a few flaws. First off, it’s usually not a bad idea to have staff forced to join a separate group. This is annoying for users that aren’t interested in being forced to join multiple groups.

A potential solution for this is have the application center interact with an offsite API that manages rank. In the main group, the roles are:

  • Group A Staff
  • Group B Staff

And then in-game, it looks up the players UserId using the offsite API and shows their exact rank (ex. Receptionist)

Creating an API like this would be very simple. All you’d need to use for this is NodeJS, Express, and a database such as MongoDB. (And probably some basic authentication when updating player roles)

I have an API that does something similar. If the player purchases a product in my hub, it updates the API

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