Could you make a infinite universe in Roblox?

One of my favorite space games is no mans sky and I play it quite often. Unlike other space games No Man Sky has basically a “Infinite” Universe. I wondered whether you could make this is Roblox Studio. Thanks for your answers, pizzagod536


Might be possible but the lag will be very harsh

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This is totally possible, but you will have to optimize it for a smooth experience.

Teleportation between places and loading chunks (like Minecraft) are two common ways of doing it.

I honestly can’t wait to see something like Minecraft’s chunks system on Roblox, turning map parts into compressed data and so on, it’s just so fascinating.


Probably not infinite, but you could make it procedurally generated with optimizations. The reason why I say not infinite is because if you go far past the floating point it would pretty much cause things not to render at all. (It may also break your camera view.)

It’s somewhat possible, I saw a minecraft game on ROBLOX generate random parts to create land and water when moving forward in the game.

I mean if we ignore The Deadlands and floating point issues, it’s definitely possible. Most likely best solution would be Minecraft’s chunk system + math.noise(), since thats the easiest way I could think of that wouldn’t be hefty performance wise

The Deadlands being where the player is forced to an infinite coordinate causing the engine to go wild. I just saw it being called The Deadlands once and just stuck with the name since

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