Could you test my story game The Clock is Ticking?

Edit: (I have updated some small minor things)

Currently I have been making a “story game” it was going to be a hidden room game but the rooms were so hard to find that I called off the scary game and made it a story game by putting arrows on the ground to find the hidden rooms.

I know that there are glitches such as:

Rabbit room: A invisible block that is in the way of the key, I can’t seem to delete it I literally cannot find what is causing that.

Overall game: telepaths will glitch and stop working it’s annoying, very annoying.

Spawn and TP Pad: when you teleport and someone is on the TelePad or when you spawn and someone is on the pad you’ll be sent above the player on the nearest platform so you’ll spawn on the roof sometimes, it’s annoying but I’ll try to fix it.

Game Link: The Clock Is Ticking - Roblox

Game cover for no reason.

I enjoyed playing the game, the story is well crafted and similar to some other games I can’t find the name of. I don’t really have anything to say about the game, it was quite enjoyable.

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Cool! I’m not done with the game tho it’s just a WIP.