Count It! Get an overview of your place in one click of a button

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Ever dreamt of flexing to your friends with the amount of work you put into your game but in a refined and elegant way instead of a simple print? Then here is your chance!

Count it! was brought to light to give you a quick overview of your place by displaying statistics such as how much lines of code and scripts there are amid each service, how much duplicate scripts there are and even viruses, and all of that in a fancy GUI!

This plugin also allows you to keep track of how many lines and characters you wrote in a day which is a pretty cool feature I believe :wink:


example use(the plugin works perfectly in run mode)

Great, how do I get the plugin?

Well all you have to do is get it from the following link, once this is done you can go ahead and install it directly from the studio (due to a mistake on my end I had forgotten to include the actual link to the plugin, sorry :sweat_smile:)

If you’d like to contribute to the plugin, either by improving the code or by expanding the VirusSignatures module, feel free to create pull requests/open issues on GitHub or simply write me down below!

github page

Standalone file:

Standalone place.rbxl (71.4 KB)

This work is licensed under the MIT License


Compatibility-wise, I unfortunately couldn’t get to test my plugin on MacOS, meaning if you own a Mac device you’d be more than welcome testing it.

To-do list (from most important to least important)

1. Ability to handle multiple frames (via the ResponsiveFrame module), necessary to implement the antivirus GUI for example

2. Virus manager (antivirus)

3. Eventually implement a beautifier/minifier (to beautify my own code :skull:)

4. Type definitions

5. Improve documentation on certain functions

Known issues
  • The frame teleports from one place to another upon changing the viewport size, the issue can be noticed whilst the frame is narrow (<100px)

  • The button icon momentarily glitches out when it switches from an icon to another (in this case, the bug occurs when switching to the christmas lights lit up icon).
    I have no clue why this happens, might be a studio bug?


Initial release version 1.0

How was your experience using Count It! ?
  • I loved it!
  • I liked it but it lacks features/is buggy
  • I haven’t tried it out yet/I haven’t found any use from it

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On a final note, please let me know of any errors, bugs, typos or missing features you ever come across using my plugin, as I want to keep its use as convenient as possible for everyone.
I will continue to pump out updates as long as needed!