Countdown multiplier doesnt go more than 32x

Pretty hard to explain on words, id better show a video.

Script that makes countdown mulitply on touch ( like in T.O.H )

	if not hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then return end
	local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
	if not Player then return end
	if table.find(Winners, Player.UserId) then return end
	table.insert(Winners, Player.UserId)
	TimerSpeed.Value = TimerSpeed.Value / 2 -- Speeds up timer
	DoorMessage:FireAllClients(Player) -- Sends the win message in chat
	MultiplierVisible.Value = true -- Makes the "x2" visible
	Multiplies.Value = Multiplies.Value * 2 -- Shows the "x2" text

basically, ever number that is >32 still counts as 32??

You could use math.clamp to “clamp” the number.
math.clamp(number, min, max)

The function returns a number between min and max that’s as close as possible to number.

In your case:

Math.clamp(Multiplies.Value * 2, 0, 32)

The issue is that 0.03(ish) is the length of wait(), or approximately 1/32nd - 1/33rd a second.

If you want to count down faster, you need to skip numbers.

I’d recommend this solution or try finding a faster/accurate wait() method.
One thing you could do is use runservice.

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

local Speed = numberValue -- replace with the path of the number
local Cycle = time() + Speed.Value

    if time() > Cycle then
        -- update logic here, speed.value might be constantly changed and this will update automatically
        Cycle = time() + Speed.Value

This is probably because you did wait(1 / speed). wait resumes every second frame so that’s why it only runs at 32 fps. An alternative you can do is to use the deltaTime argument passed with RunService, which is the time elapsed from the previous frame:

local RS = game:GetService("RunService")

local timer = 100
local speed = 1

    timer -= deltaTime * speed
        Decreasing the timer by "deltaspeed * speed" every frame.
        For example, if deltaTime was 0.1, and speed was 4, it would
        increase 4 times as fast: [0.1 * 4 = 0.4]

Player.ObbyCompleted:Connect(function() -- Not an actual function
    speed *= 2