Country of Silverbrick Rules and Guidelines

Country of Silverbrick

Rules and Guidelines

Basic Rules

(A-1) - Follow all Roblox Community Rules.
(A-2) - Follow all Roblox Terms of Service.
(A-3) - No Swearing.
(A-4) - No Bullying.
(A-5) - No Offensive Content (Music, Clothing, Text, ect.).
(A-6) - Always Listen to the Administration Team.
(A-7) - No Exploiting, Hacking, or Glitching.
(A-8) - No Using Glitches, Bugs, and Loopholes to your advantage.*
(A-9) - No extremely loud music will be played on a Boombox.
(A-10) - Head of Administration has the final say.**

Game Rules

(B-1) - Never Fail Roleplay. (See Bottom For List)
(B-2) - Do not ever spawn kill anyone.***
(B-3) - Do not ever abuse the !help command. (Only use it when you need an admin to come.)
(B-4) - If an admin is not on the Administration Team ingame or are killable, they are off-duty.

*Report Glitches, Bugs, and Loopholes to the Development Team. (Possible Reward)
**For certain offenses, it may be brought to the group court to be discussed.
***If you accidentally kill someone right as they spawn, it’s fine as long as it’s not done again. Killing someone in their spawn is fine if they attacked you. Do not stay inside spawns.

Is it Fail Roleplay?
Something may still be fail roleplay even if it is not listed here.

  • Random Shooting Players
  • Targeting Players On The Police Team
  • Camping Areas
  • Teaming (Police and Criminals)
  • Robbing and Killing Innocents as Police
  • Roleplaying for others (-he trips-, -he dies-, -kills him-)