Cozy Attic {WIP}

Hello everyone! After not building anything major for about 2 years due to crippling motivation and other reasons, I have finally overcome it and made this lovely little attic/study room. How is it for a, practically, beginner?



Keep in mind, everything was made by me even the modeling!

(Link is not available due to the lights freaking out upon entering. :man_shrugging:)

Thanks for reading, looking, and hopefully replying!


Add lights to the candles and other lights and then enable future lighting.


The attic reminds me of Resident Evil: Village lol
It looks as nice and sexy as an atiic could be :eye: :lips: :eye: :metal:
Although it would be even better and more arousing if it had bloom :flushed: :v:

Dont mind the way im speaking I just needed spice to my language

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It is/I did, I tuned up the brightness, otherwise you can’t tell the individual floorboards.

This is the real vibe of the cabin:

I still don’t see the lighting. Sorry.

This is quite nice. This attic is so homey, I kind of want to live here.

How about this?

or this?

You don’t have future lighting on. Turn it on real quick.

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It was on, compatibility looks pretty good.

Same pic with future:

This picture with future shows off the future engine more:

I’m almost positive that’s not future. Show me that you have it on.

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You must’ve done something because future lighting doesn’t look like that.

Check your graphic levels.


All lighting is artificial so I control it all, lemme try something.

How is this?

It honestly looks fine to me in all of the pictures. It is future lighting, since most of it is meshes it probably is having a hard time doing complicated shadows and such. But even then, it is just because there is so many light sources.

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Show me how many light sources you have. Something isn’t right here.

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There is 20 lights, a spotlight in each candle, the lanterns, and the window to mimic outside light.

Extra lighting stuff:

Enable CastShadow on all your parts and check your graphics level.

Looks great saying you have not done anything for 2 years! I can’t build for the life of me so I can’t really call it bad lol. Something I am not to sure on though is the flooring? I am just not sure on how it is suppose to look like really.

Another thing is the lighting which I feel could be improved on like @Crazedbrick1 said.

Other then that looks great! Keep the lovely work up!