CPF | In-Game Regulations

In-Game Regulations

Here you will find all the rules that site personnel must follow. This is only for public servers!

General Regulations

  • Spawn killing is not allowed.

  • Wall shooting is not allowed. (Shooting through walls, glass, ect.)

  • Glitching is not allowed.

  • Non-combative personnel aren’t allowed to use their weapon, unless defending oneself.

  • You are not allowed to enter sectors/(department) rooms, if your clearance is too low.

    • Exception: Accompanied by personnel, who have the required clearance.
  • You must do what your team does, for example the Research Department does tests and expeditions, infiltrators raid the facility, etc.

  • Killing of fellow personnel while on-duty is not allowed, the only teams that are off-duty are Inmates and Infiltrators.

  • Abusing the radio, by spamming, toxicity, insulting, etc. will result in a punishment.

  • Tools such as detain, baton, taser, are NOT to be abused.

  • Lying about breaches/raids/riots is not allowed.

  • Interfering with Intelligence Duties is forbidden.

  • Interfering with hosted events is forbidden.

  • Interfering with meetings (e.g in a meeting room/hall) is forbidden.

Alarm/Emergency Regulations

  • Abusing alarms, ect. is forbidden.

  • Alarm activation:

    • Riot Alarm, if more than 3 inmates are armed and run a combat or if more than 5 inmates manage to escape the Cell Zone.
    • Raid Alarm (Code Orange), if 3 infiltrators have been spotted.
    • Biohazard Alarm (Code Yellow), if an infection (Biohazardous SCP) is spreading within the facility.
    • Breach Alarm (Code Red), if a non-safe SCP has breached.
  • Code Green means that there is no thread within the facility, regular duties have to be continued again.

SCP/Testing Regulations

  • Only the Combative Forces are allowed to recontain an SCP.

  • Foundation personnel are not allowed to enter the testing chambers, they are only for the testing subjects.

    • Exception: Research Department conducts an expedition, e.g. TEST-087, TEST-XXXX “Backrooms”

Inmate/Testing Subject Regulations

  • Only 6 Testing Subjects per combative escort are allowed for testing, the only exception is when a department overseer or above allows it or is hosting a mass test.

  • Inmates are NOT to be terminated without a reason and have to be warned first for minor offenses.

    • Reasons for termination:

      • In possession of contraband items, e.g. keycards, weapons, etc. (Only if it was seen to be equipped!)
      • Entering the *CZ-Hall during an alarm. *CZ = Cell Zone
      • Not responding to warnings and continuing violations.
    • At any attempt of escape, inmates must be stopped (e.g. by taser, cuff) and be escorted back.

      • At any further attempt, the inmate may be terminated.
      • Inmates may be terminated, if they room the Civil Zone unauthorized.
  • Inmates must be authorized with the Authorize tool when they leave the Cell Zone and be unauthorized when they enter the Cell Zone again.

  • Inmates are only allowed to leave the Cell Zone for testing, medical issues and interviewing.

    • They are allowed to be in every testing chamber.
    • In the Civil Zone they are ONLY allowed to be in the DEA Interviewing Rooms and in the Medical Bay.
  • Helping inmates to escape while on-duty is not allowed.

Breaking these regulations gives the HR team the permission to punish you.

More information about the foundation can be found here: CPF | Foundation Guidelines - Google Docs

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