CPU Intensive Animations

Which animations are more performance hindering? Custom animations or animations made through the animator plugin?

By custom animations I mean editing a Motor6D C0 or C1 on a render stepped loop. I know Roblox Plugin animations do the same thing, but is there a difference in optimization?

Widely. If you want a very simple answer, you can chalk it up to a pure Lua solution versus interfacing with the backend. The backend is typically or always faster than a pure Lua solution for anything.

As far as RenderStepped goes, remember that it is dependent heavily on the client’s machines. The time when render ticks occur, or rather when frames are rendered, can differ between machines. RenderStepped is also ran as the first event of a frame, so any code there is capable of hindering render ticks from executing.

RenderStepped, if anything, is CPU dependent.

So Roblox Plugin Animations are the way to go?

It depends on your use case frankly. If you ask me personally though, yes Roblox animations are the way to go. C0 based animations are good for applying effects on top of Roblox animations, such as movement swaying and stances (e.g. changing model position for a gun aim).


I’m planning to use C0 to animate the legs and arms of an R15 rig of all the humanoids in my game. Im planning to do it on a 60 Hertz loop on the client side.

I’m doing this because these animations will be procedural. I don’t know if this is a good idea though.